Audio recorder & editor.

Editor Editor

Record, Listen

Start with a tap or a gesture.

Control playback and recording with easy to hit buttons or by holding the phone to your ear.

Hold to Ear and Talk or Listen

Cut, Copy, Paste

You already know how to edit.

Cut out silences or parts you don't want.

Paste copied audio from other recordings or apps.

With support for common formats you can edit audio files from other apps.

Fine tune selections with looping playback.

Cut Copy Paste

Read the waveform

Transcribe what is recorded.

Turn audio to text with speech recognition and make it easier find your way in a recording.


Sync & Backup

Record with your iPhone, edit on your Mac.

If you use iCloud, all your recordings are safely uploaded for you so you can access them on you iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Integrated with iOS and macOS you can find and organize your recordings in the Files app on iPhone or the Finder on your Mac.



Easy recording and editing on the desktop.

With the keboard shortcuts you would expect.

Drag and drop files to import into a document and export or share.